Get the Facts about Medical Marijuana

While there’s undeniably a lot of controversy surrounding Medical Marijuana, it’s an amazing alternative treatment option for both chronic and terminal illnesses. Here are some facts about Medical Marijuana that you may not know.

Marijuana And Diabetes

There is increasing evidence to support claims that the Cannabis plant offers many potential medicinal properties for a wide number of diseases and disorders. Of the many studies done on various health problems, one of the newest claims is that marijuana can help prevent diabetes, help treat diabetes, and treat certain complications as a result of diabetes.

Why Cannabis Is Worth Legalizing

  Why Cannabis Is Worth Legalizing 28 states in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world, have legalized medical marijuana – with some even legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Canada recently proposed a bill legalizing not only medical marijuana, but also recreational marijuana. There are many reasons why cannabis …

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Using Marijuana To Treat Addiction?

A growing number of medical experts are considering the idea that medical marijuana should play a role in combating the nation’s painkiller epidemic.

Medical Marijuana For PTSD Patients

Medical Marijuana Helping PTSD Patients The truth is that throughout its alleged prohibition, cannabis has long been considered to be a drug for self-medicated “coping” with different emotional turmoil. This is especially true for people suffering from certain anxiety issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. There are loads of government-funded studies which are set to examine …

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The Chemical Composition of Marijuana

There are over 400 natural compounds in medical marijuana and, of these, over 80 are found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids relieve symptoms of illness by attaching to receptors in the brain that look for similar compounds that occur in the human body, such as dopamine.

Medical Marijuana Laws in New Jersey

State laws change so often and many wonder if marijuana is legal in their state. In New Jersey, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, which means that it has a high potential for abuse and no generally recognized medical value.

Why Choose Medical Marijuana 

If you have chronic pain and want to take something that has great benefits and lack of side effects – medical marijuana might be the right choice for you.

Some of New Jersey Medical Marijuana Facts

Ever wonder who administers Medicinal Marijuana Program, or what physicians have to do to certify patients? Here are some of New Jersey Medical Marijuana Facts that might answer some of your questions.