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Pennsylvania Considering More Options for Medical Marijuana

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Pennsylvania May Approve More Conditions for Medical Marijuana

It may soon become easier for patients in Pennsylvania to purchase medical cannabis. The state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board recently approved a new process for adding medical ailments to the list of 21 treatable conditions according to Department of Health spokesman Nate Wardle.

More conditions for Medical Marijuana

In coming weeks regulators will start accepting petitions for new qualifying conditions to be added to the list, with plans to vote on them at their next meeting on February 1, 2019.  This major announcement could involve common ailments such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and insomnia being added to the list.

Most patients turning to medical marijuana have sought help for the qualifying conditions of chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. Others benefit from marijuana as relief for a non-listed health issue such as anxiety only because they also have a qualifying condition such as chronic pain.  The state’s qualifying condition list has been expanded at least once already with the addition of terminal illness and opioid addiction. As of December, roughly 87,000 patients have already registered in Pennsylvania to obtain MMJ, and more than 56,000 have been issued patient certifications.