Medical Marijuana Doctor Pittsburgh

Medical Marijuana Card Pittsburgh

At Elite Alternative Medicine, we provide expert and discreet evaluations for individuals looking to obtain a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card legally. Our goal is to improve treatment levels of patients that are seeking their medical marijuana cards by providing trust, clarity, and diagnostic assistance in finding the proper medicine. As top medical marijuana doctors in Pittsburgh, we are here to assist people suffering with chronic health issues live better lives.

Our Office is conveniently located off of Cliff Mine Road, right off of Airport Pkwy, near Royersford Baptist Church. We are currently offering virtual and in-person appointments at this location. 

Medical Marijuana can help alleviate the symptoms of:

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Our Marijuana Doctors in Pittsburgh have been helping patients just like you for over 10 years

Dr. Adams is intimately familiar with the laws, regulations, and processes required to get a medical marijuana id card in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.

What People Are Saying About Elite

Very understanding and helpful. I didn’t feel embarrassed about my anxiety and the doctor was amazing!
Jaymie Nevin
Wonderful staff and doctor who helped me and made me not only feel validated but also did not make me feel like a drug seeker. 14/10 would do again.
Rebecca Bova
Fantastic, knowlegable staff!
Mitch Gedid

4 Steps To Your MMID in Pennsylvania

1) Get Your Medical Records

If you’ve been diagnosed with one of the previously mentioned issues, make sure you get a copy of your medical records.

2) Register Online

Register on the online registry to start the process while you’re working on getting your medical records.

You only need a valid Pennsylvania ID for this; a driver’s license or RealID card.

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3) Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with one of our certified physicians. Bring your medical records and Patient ID to this appointment.

If you can’t make it into our office, we offer virtual appointments as well.

4) Pay for Your Card

Once you receive physician approval, access the registry to pay the $50 fee for your card.

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Documentation Needed To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

To get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, all you need are your medical records proving you have one of the listed medical conditions and a valid Pennsylvania state ID (RealID or Driver’s License).

Pennsylvania Dispensaries

Pittsburgh has quite a few dispensaries for you to choose from once you have your card. Here are a few of them:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my medical card in another state?

No, you are not able to use an out-of-state medical card in Pennsylvania.

Can you get a medical card for anxiety in Pennsylvania?

As of July 20th, 2019, The Pennsylvania Department of Health added anxiety disorders to its list of approved medical conditions for the state’s medical marijuana program. 

Can I bring my medical marijuana across state lines?

No, even if you are traveling between two states that have legalized marijuana, you can not take medical cannabis across state lines.

It is a federal crime.

How long does it take to get your medical card in the mail in PA?

You should receive your medical card in the mail within 7 to 10 days.

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