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Elite Alternative Medicine helps people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with qualifying conditions improve their health and overall lifestyle using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Our philosophy is that it should be affordable, easy and accessible to receive medical marijuana evaluations for medical marijuana cards, and necessary alternative medicinal treatments for chronic conditions such as Cancer recovery, PTSD, Neuropathy, chronic pain, and more.

Most patients turning to medical marijuana have sought help for the qualifying conditions of chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. Others benefit from marijuana as relief for a non-listed health issue such as anxiety only because they also have a qualifying condition such as chronic pain.  The state’s qualifying condition list has been expanded at least once already with the addition of terminal illness and opioid addiction. As of 2020, roughly 87,000 patients have already registered in Pennsylvania to obtain MMJ, and more than 56,000 have been issued patient certifications.

With the state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board approving a new process for adding medical ailments, it may soon become easier for patients in Pennsylvania to purchase medical cannabis. On top of that, we are now online and offering virtual appointments! Our office hours are by appointment only but we offer appointments with a qualified physician online at your convenience.

Our goal to ensure that anyone who needs medical marijuana can get it

Do you wonder if you qualify for medical marijuana? Here at Elite Alternative medicine, we strive to streamline the process to get medical marijuana. We work with the Pennsylvania government and your doctor to get you your card legally.

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Get Registered

You have to start the process by creating a profile on the registry. You cannot get your card it you’re not!

Designated Caregivers

You can assign up to 2 caregivers to help you get your medical marijuana. If the patient is under 18, they must have a caregiver

Medical Conditions

A physician must have diagnosed you with one of the debilitating medical conditions as specified by law.

Qualifying Medical Records

When you go to an appointment with a certified physician, make sure you have copies of your medical records!


You MUST be a Pennsylvania resident to get a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Application Fee

The application fee is $50. If you qualify for government assistance, the fee can be reduced or removed.

Very understanding and helpful. I didn’t feel embarrassed about my anxiety and the doctor was amazing!

Jaymie N.

Great experience. Everyone there is very helpful.

Ed M.

Wonderful staff and doctor who helped me and made me not only feel validated but also did not make me feel like a drug seeker. 14/10 would do again.

Rebecca B.

Fantastic, knowledgeable staff!

Mitch G.

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