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Elite Alternative Medicine is home of Dr. Russel Adams and provides an emphasis on complementary and alternative medicine. We are focused on providing the best possible care for patients suffering from chronic conditions who have qualifying medical marijuana qualifications in Stanhope, New Jersey. Our services include virtual appointments so you can feel like your personal physician is by your side no matter where you live!

Elite Alternative Medicine offers people living in or near to Stahopee, NJ access to affordable health treatment options such as cannabis evaluations that lead to necessary medicinal treatments of chronic illnesses including Crohn’s disease, cancer recovery post-surgery rehabilitation therapy (CRPT), PTSD/trauma related disorders, neuropathy among others.

Elite Alternative strives to ensure that as many people as possible have access to medical marijuana

Do you wonder if you qualify for medical marijuana? Here at Elite Alternative medicine, it’s our goal to make sure that as many people as possible can get access to it. We work with the New Jersey government and your doctor to get you your card legally.

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Qualifying Medical Records

Get the medical records with information about your diagnosis with a qualifying condition.

Medical Conditions

A physician must have diagnosed you with one of the debilitating medical conditions as specified by law.

Physician’s Statement

Acquire a signed physician’s statement from a doctor such as our physicians at Elite Alternative Medicine.

Mandatory Registration

Being on the registry is mandatory – this ensures protection under applicable medical marijuana laws.


You MUST be a New Jersey resident to get a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card

Application Fee

The application fee is $200. If you qualify for assistance, it’s $20. The card lasts 2 years.

I've used Elite Alternative Medicine for over a year now and they've helped me in more ways than I can communicate here. The staff has always been friendly and helpful, my appointments have started right on time, and I left knowing exactly what to expect and feeling confident. I plan to continue seeing them for as long as I'm in NJ. They're great!!!

Dan A.

Very amazing staff who makes sure that they do everything for their patients and they don't make you wait either. Doctor is amazing and is so sweet and caring. Really takes time to listen and care for your issues and makes you feel good about you being cared for correctly.

Denise G.

Great doctor. Great staff. They will go above and beyond if you need them to. Overall it was the best experience I've ever had with a doctor. I'd highly recommend Elite to anyone looking for alternative medicine

Rose P.

The service and follow up at Elite have been great. Tough times and we are limited with having appointments changed or canceled but they made the process easy & clear!! Facetime was a HUGE plus & smooth process. Sam's follow up much appreciated! Doctor Adam's very knowledgeable!


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