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PTSD and Medical Marijuana

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How does medical marijuana help PTSD patients?

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder usually triggered by a traumatic event. An estimated 24.4 million people have PTSD at any given time. Though there are many pharmaceutical treatment options like serotonergic antidepressants (SSRIs), they come with a multitude of complications that often don’t even resolve the underlying issues of PTSD.

On the other hand, medical marijuana as a treatment alternative is indicating to help bring fulfillment to patients suffering from the draining symptoms of PTSD. This explains why a good majority of PTSD patients are now turning to medical marijuana.

Understanding PTSD

Just about any incident that is life-threatening or that critically compromises the physical/psychological health of a person, evoking intense learned fear can trigger PTSD. It can impact the sufferers’ emotional, social, medical, and vocational functionality. The longer it goes untreated, the more dramatic the negative effects on the sufferer’s psychological and social well-being will be.

Medical marijuana as an effective alternative

Quite a few studies have suggested to medical marijuana to be a safe and effective alternative to treat PTSD. The primary origin of PTSD is learned fear. The more learned fear, the more uneasiness and stress exist. Studies have indicated that medical marijuana can moderate learned fear. Anytime a patient moderates their learned fear, it’s working at the underlying issues of PTSD, making medical marijuana so effective.

The hallucinogenic ingredient of THC has benefits toward PTSD, too. Studies are pointing out that as much as 50 percent of PTSD sufferers are deficient in anandamide.  Medical marijuana consists of similar properties as anandamide, and the body responds to it as such. What medical marijuana is in fact doing, is remedying an inadequacy for PTSD patients.

Thanks to recent decriminalization laws, more and more PTSD patients are beginning to consider medical marijuana every year. The American Legion, a U.S. Veteran Association recently held a press conference proclaiming their approval for medical marijuana after accepting the tragic reality that soldiers experience an incredibly high rate of PTSD. The group took a scientific standpoint, supported by personal anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana is supporting the veterans. Nevertheless, veterans aren’t the only ones benefiting from the medical marijuana treatment. The treatment is also beneficial for people who have experienced any kind of trauma in their past. It can help them deal with everyday tasks like school, work, and relationships easily.

Medical marijuana can help you relax and cope with the trauma rather than hide from it. You can easily get access to medical marijuana as soon as you have received an approval from a state-licensed physician.